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motorola droid bionic

  1. Android News

    Motorola RAZR, Droid RAZR, Droid Bionic and Droid 4 get CyanogenMod 13 nightlies

    4 Motorola phones from eons ago have gotten CyanogenMod 13 nightlies. It's the Motorola RAZR, DROID RAZR, DROID Bionic and DROID 4. It's amazing that devices this old can still get Marshmallow thanks to help by the community.
  2. F

    Retiring My Bionic

    Ah, I remember those early days. Walked into the local Verizon store to purchase my first smartphone. Looked around, rep' asked to help me. I told her some features I was looking for. We looked around some more, then her eyes lit up and she told me about a phone they had just got a new shipment...
  3. B

    GPS is dead.

    Doesn't work with Google Maps or GPS Status. Sigh.
  4. lowskie

    Help working emoji keyboard?

    i cant seem to find an emoji keyboar that alows me to view them from my phone. do they make one compatible with the bionic?
  5. l3ones

    Root Battery too low for AP Fastboot.

    This morning I flashed last nights CM12.1 Nightly. After it finished I hit reboot and let it do its thing for awhile, only to come back to a blank screen, I rebooted thinking I'd just hop into safestrap, flash a recovery, and be back to normal, but for God knows why, it wasn't letting me get...
  6. CountryCode


    Hey guys I am desperate for help as I am loosing my mind! I have a Verizon Bionic I tried to update safestrap to install cm12 upon reboot after cm flash it would only go to fastboot, after pushing a complete fxz *minus webtop grfs.img as it always fails flash* it now boots but wont go past moto...
  7. N

    Root Bricked!!!????

    So I tried to flash a custom ROM and now my droid bionic whenever I start it, goes to a screen that says "ENCRYPTION UNSUCCESSFUL. Encryption was interupted and can't complete. As a result, the data from your phone is no longer accessible. To resume using your phone, you need to perform a...
  8. J

    Help help

    I have recently purchased a Motorola droid bionic phone and it has just started talking to me when I search Google for anything. It tells me what I have touched on the screen like I can't read it for myself. I've looked at everything and nothing will cut it off and its driving me crazy. Somebody...
  9. A

    Root Bionic stuck at red M

    i accidentally opened safestrap and uninstalled recovery and did factory data reset now phone has grayish black scrren after logo not be able to install stock. RSD lite keep sending 15/22 system img is any one here who can help me
  10. justind91

    Root Rooted, removed some bloatware, now what?

    I just rooted my bionic. First time I've had root so I'm a complete noob. What should be next on my list to do? If possible I would like to get better battery life with better performance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Right now I feel like a lumberjack who just got an awesome new...
  11. l3ones

    Root Issues with safe strap ROM slots. Now in need of unbricking instructions

    So I've had a rather interesting first week with this phone, today I decided I wanted to test out theser "Rom Slots" so I enable Slot 1, use default settings, and now it has my Stock Rom slot with nothing, no free space, no used space, abnothing, I know barely anything about safestrap and I'm...
  12. P

    stuck on the second red thing

    I'm stuck on the second red circle can anyone help me its not rooted its xt875
  13. BRAINZ2013

    Root Hello anyone home

    Knock knock anyone home . o you have been waiting along time for this and Dont make any sounds yes quiet quiet o wait know one answered when I knocked just here to sound off with this new one and only CM 12 TARGA ROMS . YES A NEW ROM FOR THE DROID BIONIC NO NOT MY WORK BUT YES THE GUYS ROCK ...
  14. xguy

    Help My Bionic is Super Very slow and lagging even after rebooting!

    I've been away from the forum for a while and see the format has changed since there wasn't a category for my old Bionic. Anyway I Need help! I never remember this phone being so slow. I don't have many apps but it's super slow and freezing. If it were a pc I'd think I had a virus. Any help...
  15. M

    Help Losing Connection To Email When Shifting Between Wifi Routers

    When I go between connecting to wifi at work, home and neighbor's houses, I frequently lose the ability to connect to email accounts and Facebook. That is, I leave the vicinity of one wifi router, arrive at another, the phone finds it and connects, but I'm unable to connect to mail servers or...
  16. BRAINZ2013

    Root Any Bionic users around

    Hey are there any droid bionic users around this is a new kitkat ROM 4.4.4 thanks to oggie this one one rocks just check it out http://forum.xda-developers.com/droid-bionic/development/rom-aokp-t2937618 Very nice work love this ;):rolleyes::cool:
  17. B

    Root Droid Bionic running CM 10.2 on Telus (CDMA)

    I just purchased a Verizon Droid Bionic that I would like to use on Telus here in Canada. I rooted the phone and installed CyanogenMod 10.2 and everything is working great except that it will not recognise my Telus (CDMA Network from what I can Google) Sim card. How can I get it working? Thanks!
  18. V

    Droid Bionic Has Left the Building

    After having the Bionic since launch I have finally decided to retire it. Even after doing a factory reset it still lagged terribly. I picked up a Samsung Galaxy S5 yesterday and have it set up pretty much like my faithful Bionic. I have learned a lot from quite a few of the contributors on...
  19. Z

    Help Bionic stuck at red M

    My Bionic is stuck at the first screen with the red circle with the white M when it is plugged in, and won't respond when unplugged. My phone was drained of the battery fully last night, and I have left it plugged into the wall for a few hours now. I saw a similar post (Stuck on the Droid...
  20. T

    Help How To Export Contacts To Outlook?

    Hello, New forum member here (but not new to forums), and I have a question I hope someone can answer. I have searched the internet and this site (somewhat)...my apologies in advance if this topic has been handled in the past (links would also be appreciated, as long as they truly match what...
  21. W

    Help Ethernet Connection

    Is it possible to connect my Bionic to an ethernet connection by cable? The Wifi service I have at work is deplorable. If possible, I assume I would need and app and an interface cable that adapts from ethernet to micro USB.
  22. 4

    Root My Situation (Modifcated NVRAM.zip)

    I dropped my Bionic in water and USB doesn't work 99% of the time when i connect it to PC. When I say "USB doesn't work" i mean it is not detected as a device by my any computer. Everything else works fine, SIM slot SD slot, HDMI, Webtop. Everything except USB connection to PC. It even charges...
  23. X

    Root ask about safestrap

    I have moto bionic with safestrap,but accidentally i uninstall recovery and removed safestrap application,but now if i installed safestrap any version n grant from superSU i have always FC,i trying install cwm/twrp from ROM MANAGER is successfully but if i reboot to recovery always normal mode...
  24. N

    Help Can't receive text from people

    I have had this problem just today where I cannot see messages I send or get messages from people. Why is this happening? How can I fix it? Thanks!
  25. Fulltime Traveler

    Unlimited Data, RIP

    Verizon to throttle 4G LTE users with unlimited plans starting October 1 | Android Authority I guess it had to happen sooner or later.