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Sep 20, 2015
Ah, I remember those early days. Walked into the local Verizon store to purchase my first smartphone. Looked around, rep' asked to help me. I told her some features I was looking for. We looked around some more, then her eyes lit up and she told me about a phone they had just got a new shipment of. She whipped off to the back, brought out a box, opened it and handed me this brand new phone and proceeded to tell me about it. Several minutes later I had a new Bionic, Google account, OEM extended battery, back, holster and screen protectors. Oh...and something called a "data plan". I was smartphone stylin'!

Fast forward 5 years now: my Bionic has very few scuffs on the corners but the screen is mint! The original battery and back is mint. I think all 3 screen protectors are still in the package. The holster, while a bit weathered, still holds the phone with stealth and dignity. I still have the boxes, and they're mint! Two years ago I took the Bionic off service at Verizon and it has been on my belt as a trustworthy mini-tablet. It has served as GPS navigator, GPS tracker, finance adviser, FLAC player and all-around odd job doer. It even was the test device for a procedure at work that led to writing a proposal. However, new app versions and updates have been slowing it way down. It has trouble connecting to wi-fi and, recently, I have lost all audio.....even after several factory resets. It is aging and time to be retired. Not thrown away, mind you. I'm sure I will unbox it ever so often with a smile, boot it up to see the now-famous Droid Eye staring at me.

As the Bionic is placed inside its box, an new LG Volt comes out of its box to take its place. I will still use it without service. And, so far, it has handled everything I need it to do with great speed and stability. And, if there ever is a problem with that, I have a near mint Moto E 2nd as a backup.


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