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Get Vodafone Caller Tune Free

Hey, Guys today I’m here to give you “Free Caller Tune In Vodafone” tips and tricks which can easily get activated for 28 days. Apart from I will show you how to activate and deactivate this feature.

Along with this, you can get info about Vodafone caller tune activation toll-free number, How to activate Vodafone free caller tune with Vodafone caller tune official app, Vodafone caller tune USSD codes, And also how to activate it through message.

How To Activate Free Caller Tune In Vodafone Sim?
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  • Now you can see there is two option available.
  • Option1: Free Caller Tune And Missed Call Alert.
  • Option2: Free 50 Rupees Credit On My Vodafone App For Your Next Recharge.
  • As we are trying to set free caller tune so go for the free caller tune and missed call alert option.
  • Then you just have to activate it within 24hr.
  • Now download the Vodafone Caller Tune App from PlayStore or if you have it then open and search your favorite song to activate. Here you can play the song or edit it as you want. Now click the “Set” button to activate.
Yup! that’s it now your free caller tune is activated. One more thing you can customize your caller tune, you can set different caller tune for different persons.

Activating Vodafone Caller Tunes Using Paid Methods
Now these below methods are used for them who don’t claim the free caller tune activation trick.

Note: By using these below steps can charge your Vodafone account balance for applying any changes.

Vodafone Caller Tunes Set By Browser
If you want to discover the latest and trending caller tunes and to search your desired song then just visit the Vodafone Official Caller Tune site here. Or download the Vodafone Caller Tune App and search your favorite songs.

On this page, you can search for all songs and can play it right there. Also, you get more categories and Moods option.

Steps To Set Caller Tune Through Browser
  1. Select Your Favorite Song Right There.
  2. Now Select The “set now” option.
  3. Enter Your Vodafone Number And Fill The Security Captcha. That’s It.

You will receive 3 messages from Vodafone.

  • Validating your mobile number using a PIN.
  • Confirming the ‘Callertune service’ activation on your number (for new activation of Callertune).
  • Confirming the Callertune selected by you.
How To Set Vodafone Caller Tune Through Mobile App?
  • Download the official Vodafone Caller Tune App from PlayStore.
  • Open It and select your fav. song and click the “Set” button and select all callers or set it for a single individual person.
  • After click confirms and pays the charges if you don’t claim the free offer.

How To Set Vodafone Caller Tune Service By Phone Call?
Dial 56789 and follow the IVR instructions during the call to activate the Vodafone caller tune with IVR toll-free number.

How To Set Vodafone Caller Tune By SMS?
Set your Vodafone caller tune by sending an SMS is it easy? Yes, it just follows the bellow lines. Remember This will only work for New Subscribers.

Send ACT CT <CT Code> to 56789 From Your Vodafone Sim To Set The Callertune

For example, to activate the caller tune service with “ NAINO KI TO BAAT NAINA JANE HAI ” song as caller tune, then you should use CT Code defined for that song i.e. 10294616 this is the CT code for this song.

And type ACT CT 10294616 to 56789. That’s all

How To Change Vodafone Caller Tune?
Bored with your old caller tune song and want to change it right now. So I have the way for you simply send a text message like given below.

Send CT <CT Code> to 56789 To Set It Or Change The Callertune

If you want to set VE MAAHI song from the movie “KESARI” as hello tune simply send an SMS as

CT 11115229 to 56789. That’s all

Vodafone Caller Tune Charges
In the first section of this article, I mentioned how you can set free caller tune in Vodafone sim and also mention there that this trick is only if you have recently recharged your Vodafone sim.

These charges if you didn’t claim the free caller tune service. We all know that Vodafone doesn’t give free caller tune service at any time like Jio, Airtel, and Idea. You have to pay for the caller tune subscription charge to activate.

For Prepaid user Rs.36 for 28 days and for Postpaid user will be charged Rs.36 per month and Rs.15 for 90days for caller tune Selection as mention in their official site.

Also, you have to bear the SMS Charges Rs 5 for SMS.

How To Deactivate Vodafone Caller Tunes
  • Prepaid: Send SMS CAN CT to 144
  • Postpaid: Send SMS CAN CT to 111
  • Toll-Free Number: 22622 (Used To Disable Vodafone Caller Tune Service)
*De-activation can take up to 15 min to execute. After that, you will get a confirmation SMS on your Vodafone sim.

That’s All It Guys If you find my article “How To Set Free Caller Tune In Vodafone” useful, please share it with your friends and family. Thanks for spending your valuable time and reading our article to the end.


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