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Getting Multiple Gmail Notifications for each Message


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Oct 31, 2019
I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 8. I use Gmail as my primary email app. Recently, I suddenly started receiving multiple notification tones for each email message I receive. I've changed the tone for Gmail and the multiple tones continued. Going to Settings -> Accounts -> Accounts, I see my normal Gmail account for Google is listed as well accounts set up for the default Email app and the Samsung account (see photo). I don't remember linking my Gmail account to the default Email or Samsung account. Would the multiple notification tones I'm receiving be coming from one or both of these other apps that my Gmail account is tied to? I can remove those other two but I'm warned that all messages, contacts, etc. will be deleted. Would those be deleted from my real Gmail account? Wacky stuff, this.


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Rather than look at your accounts, go to each of the apps, notifications, and disable notifications for the other 2, leaving only the Google Gmail notifications on.
Thanks for the reply. This was the first thing I tried, no dice. I started assigning different tones to possible culprits but that didn't turn up anything either.
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A Samsung account is a different thing from a Google account, though it may use the same email address. So having that account associated with the same GMail address doesn't mean that it is receiving your GMails.

And all android phones will have a Google account, even if they don't use the GMail app. So that one is also a red herring (and don't remove it, because that is the one your contacts etc will be stored with, as well as your Play Store account).

Are you receiving multiple notifications as well as multiple tones? Because if other email apps were receiving the messages you should get separate notifications from them, and be able to read the same email in all of them. And when you changed your tone in the GMail app did all of the multiple tones change? If they did then that would suggest that it's the GMail app generating multiple tones rather than different apps doing this. I can only suggest checking the GMail app's settings (including making sure it doesn't have something screwy like the same account synced multiple times - something I've never heard of and wouldn't have guessed possible, but we're dealing with something screwy here so why rule anything out?). Unfortunately I don't use that app myself (it's disabled in fact) so am not familiar with its settings.
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