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Getting used to Samsung Galaxy A11


Jan 16, 2020
Hey everyone,
So I finally decided to get into a phone contract with my phone provider to obtain a Samsung galaxy A11 and I find the transition from SM-N7505 is jarring.

First and foremost is the issue about buying a cover for this. In Aliexpress, I see two variants that I really like but can't find a variant that has the combined features of both those variants.

One features a dual layer protection and a magnetic ring that allows it to stick to a vehicle with a magnet stick and also position it in a stand.

Second is a Glass Film Phone Case with a 360 degree cover protection that can protect the camera as well as the front of the screen from bad weather or damage possible by accidental drop.

But somehow, I can't find a case that has both those features.

My second issue is getting a installing suitable GPS system on this phone. On my previous one I use to navigate via google maps app, which isn't on this one for some odd reason. Would anyone know what is the best GPS app I can use in liue of that app?

Last thing I wish to know is what are the most useful apps that the A11 can actually handle as a phone unit? I know this device isn't known for its functionality or speed, but I'm looking into ease of use and capability to . As it stands there are a lot of junk apps in it like dixby (or whatever its called) that I want to remove and put more versatile apps in place of.

Thank you
Why can't you install Google Maps?

As far as a case, have you looked at what Wal-Mart has to offer?

You are not going to be able to remove any system apps, like Bixby (dixby, lmao), but you can make them invisible to you and the device if you have a PC.


As far as the stock apps go, the memory they take up is gone.
You will never have access to any of that memory.

It is unfortunate that data and updates to these apps will take up space in the memory that you DO have access to.
So uninstall any updates and clear data from thes apps before you use the ADB method on them.

Samsung is known for having huge OS, so be ready to find that there is still less space available than you thought there would be.

A good rule of thumb is to leave at least the amount of RAM in your ROM memory, and to keep ROM memory use to 70% or less.

What do you mean by 'useful apps'?
What is useful to you may be entirely different than what is useful to me.

Tell us what you want.
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Thank you for the response puppykickr (btw, funny name you got there bud). I find the android Samsung Galaxy A11 to be difficult to use compared to its previous model. Setting up features like voice mail is really complicated and the damn thing doesn't have a straight forward way to scan QR codes.

A good rule of thumb is to leave at least the amount of RAM in your ROM memory, and to keep ROM memory use to 70% or less.


What do you mean by 'useful apps'?
What is useful to you may be entirely different than what is useful to me.

Tell us what you want.

I want apps that allow ease of use of the phone and overall usefulness.

1, An offline GPS
2, Something to protect the phone from dubious apps like Telegram
3, Any app that would allow me to use a burner phone number or email
4, An app that would allow me to send printing commands to my printer from the phone
5, Call recorder App for recording conversations
6, App for tracking the phone location from a computer if it gets misplaced or stolen
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Why do you feel that you need protection from 'dubious' apps like Telegram?

If you don't want the app, don't install it.
It is not like it is hiding somewhere and going to pounce on your ohone as soon as it is unattended.

Telegram can also be used as a site on your browser, there is no app needed.

There are many different versions of Telegram, and only the ones on Google Play Store, Apple app store, and the like are dubious- because they censor and provide tracking for the app stores they come from (and sometimes more).
All apps are like this, btw, and as such I generally don't recommend any apps coming from Play Store.

BTW, I use Telegram everyday, and have never had any issues.
Please elaborate what you mean by 'dubious'.

You and I already can agree that Samsung is not the easiest system to deal with.

Personally, I try to avoid them.

I cannot help with a GPS app, because that is always among the disabled stuff on my devices.
I can find some app links for you, but have no way of testing them myself.

The burner phone number and call recording can be done with Dingtone.
I have been using it for years- it is simple, free, and effective.
I also have made use of an app I would need to relocate, it would not allow incoming calls, as it always made your calls come from a different number and did not assign any one number to any user.
If this interests you, let me know and I will look for it.

Sending printing commands to a printer is something that I have not done, although I have seen the option appear- It appeared in one of my e-mail apps (G-Mail).
So it may very well be a feature that is already installed on your device.
You could e-mail yourself a document, and then attempt to print it and find out.

(After I typed this, I checked. No printer to verify, but...)

(send document to yourself as an e-mail)
(open e-mail app)
Select the proper e-mail
Overflow (3 dot icon in upper right)
(make selections)
Arrow down (mid-upper right)
Add printer

As far as tracking a device goes, Google offers this as a built in feature.
Find My Device is the name.
Location must be active on the device at all times for it to work.
Of course, this would be the case regardless of the method used.
There are many other apps that claim to do the same, and some are called 'spyware' due to the fact that you could install it on someone else's deviceand track them.

As my devices are rendered incapable of this type of thing, the best I could do would be to post links to apps that I cannot test myself.

I hope you can understand why I would feel neglectful in doing so.

Let me know if anything helps, or other quetions come up.
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Thanks for the response Puppykickr. My apologize for late responses but every time I post here I just so happen to have a whole lot of hectic-ness increase in my life lol.

I'm also drafting my response to include every option suggested before I make a post so sometimes I give delayed response because I'm testing or trying out what is suggested to a completed level before I respond.

I will give a proper response soon.
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