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Gmail, Gtalk, YMess, YMail


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May 24, 2011
So like the the title says, is there any.... harm to the battery (I don't really trust the battery info, it's too play-ish and not enough info, just "Android OS" "Android System" bah) keeping this open?

I mean Gtalk and Gmail use push right? I can have them open all the time.
Also, Ymail asks for Ymessenger (I think) so I also have those 2 open all the time (with my facebook account tied to my Ymessenger so there we have facebook chat too).

Now - all of these use push right? That means zero (almost? I guess something has to be running) battery use, right?

The reason I'm asking is my battery is draining too fast and I don't know why.
Battery info just shows Android OS and Android System (and all the others, cell, voice, wi-fi etc.. but they are all low).

Other apps... IDK Facebook has refresh and notifications turned off - so does twitter and foursquare.

I don't really use any other apps that need refreshing, weather refresh is set on manual.

Latitude is signed off, not using it. Maps is closed.

I can't think right now of anything else, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / 3G are all turned off when not needed.

I just keep EDGE on so I can continue to receive push e-mails, thats all I want, I would love an app that can block access to the net for EVERYTHING except GTalk and Yahoo Messenger. (but that's for data saving purposes, this is about battery issues).

BTW: What does "sync" mean? Well, I know what it MEANS but what does it actually ... sync? My... what? When? Why? How many times? Should I keep it off and just turn it on once in a while?

Sync Contacts and Calendar? OK - I know when they need to be synced so I can do that manually. What else needs syncing ?

OK this thread has gotten a bit to big, let's return to my initial question:

Do Gtalk, gmail, yahoo messenger and yahoo mail use push? If so, are they battery consuming? Has anyone experienced more battery life by keeping them turned off? (TBH I don't really know how to actually do that, I mean I can sign off but does that mean EXIT app too?)
You could always install the excellent K-9 Mail, free, from the Market.

You can set the sync frequency for individual or multiple email accounts from every minute to once a day as well as never (manual).

You could check what is draining your battery by going to Settings > About phone > Battery use... and see if you can identify what is causing your problem. It could be a badly coded app for instance.

My email has 2 accounts, set to sync every 30 min's and uses so little battery that it hardly registers.

Hope this helps. :D
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