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Gmail, how to view animated giffs in gmails?

They don't play in gmail, all you see is a picture maybe of the first frame of the animation.
Maybe they do in newer versions of the android phones. It also looks like you cannot change any gmail default apps for opening files.
I am thinking maybe use a different email program like spark or blue mail, and use my gmail account with those.
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I sent that email back to my gmail on the note 8, and if I click show quoted text, it DOES play the animated gif.
But clicking on the attachment in either phone, does not play the animated gif.

So since Contacam program is sending the animated gif as an attachment only, like not inline with the body of text, it wont play inline then n either the Note 8 or Note 9.
On the Note 9, it just shows up, dont have an option to click show quoted text.
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