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GMAIL migration


Jul 9, 2010
I set up my gmail account for a photography side business I ran for a few years. That business is now (mostly) defunct. Now that I have a Droid X and use it more and more for all variety of stuff, I'd really like to have a gmail address that is my name so that I can use it as my primary email (instead of Hotmail and Yahoo accounts). I have a gmail account that I would like to use for all things Droid, however none of my emails, contacts, calendars, etc. are associated with that address. Gmail does not permit a simple alias (where I could use my real name account as an alias for the existing business account) and so there is no easy fix the way there would be with Hotmail. I tried to find a way to contact Google support...but alas there is no such thing other than a bunch of faqs that don't come close to addressing the issue. Anyway, I don't expect there are any quick fixes, but if anyone has done this type of a migration and can help me lay out a plan that would be great. I don't use any sort of IMAP email (due to security issues at my employer, Hotmail is really the only way for me to go for personal email). I don't care nearly as much about the email as I do migrating over my contacts and calendar. My calendar has tons of recurring events and would be a major hassle to try and recreate. Any help would be great.
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I don't really understand what you're trying to do, but let me take a guess at a solution.

You could just add your Hotmail account (or a new Hotmail account) to your Android device. If you do so, then your Hotmail email, contacts, and calendar will automatically be synchronized (over the Internet) with your Android device.

Furthermore, if you use Outlook or Windows Live Mail (free), you can also use those programs to access/manage your Hotmail email, contacts, & calendar. If you do so, then your email, contacts, and calendar will be automatically synchronized (over the Internet) between Outlook/Windows-Live-Mail on your PC(s) and your Android device(s). Or you can just choose to use a web-based interface to access Hotmail from you PC or Mac.

Click here to see a comprehensive "How To" article that I wrote about using a free Hotmail account in order to synchronize email, contacts, and calendar with Android devices.
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1) It's not clear to me that the original poster understands that he can add a Hotmail account to his Android device. Many people think that you must use Gmail only on Android devices.

2) The original poster's reason for wanting to use Gmail is "to have a gmail address that is [his] name". He can have a Hotmail address or a Live.com address that is his name just as easily as he can have a Gmail address that is his name.

3) The original poster seems to think that his email, contacts, and calendar must all be associated with the same account, but that't not the case. I use Gmail for my primary email account on Outlook and Android, but I use Hotmail as my synchronization repository for contacts and calendar for Outlook and Android. I think most people don't realize that's an option that works perfectly.
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