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Help Gmail not pushing notifications / asleep?


Oct 5, 2010
I've tried scouring the site for a related thread but most that seem relevant are from 2016. I have a S10 running Android 11. I have had this issue for a long time now, (I THINK) dating back to my previous S8 model. So it may not specifically be hardware related.
I run multiple Gmail based accounts on my phone. 2 personal and one work related (1 personal is rarely used). The problem first appeared with the work account. It is a gmail email w/ a @"XYZ".com name. Now I've started noticing the same issue w/ my personal account.
It appears as if my gmail app is going to sleep after a certain amount of time. Occassionaly I will open my app and within a few to 5-10 secs I will have no new messages. If I refresh the screen by pulling down or sometimes on it's own, the inbox will refresh and new messages will appear. These messages could be anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours old.
I have verified that Gmail is set to "never sleep" and I recently turned my performance mode up but have seen this happen since doing so. The most significant aspect is that it appears to only happen if I haven't checked it in a while. I have witnessed this happen on both mobile data and home wifi. I do have spotty reception at work but this has occurred outside of work as much if not more often.
This seems to have been a common issue at one time if not still current but I can't seem to determine if there's ever been a resolution determined.

Last, I'm considering a 3rd party email app if I have to but would really rather not go that route (really from a learning curve convienence only). If I did use something like Spark, would it not just pull from the Gmail app or would it connect to the servers directly and bypass gmail app?


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