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Gmail will not sync correctly across issues with multiple Android Device's


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Aug 15, 2010

I have a Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Tab 4 and have noticed Gmail will is not synching correctly. I receive notifications fine and can respond fine. The problem an email does not show as read on the other device. (Other device shows notification still, etc)

Can someone please help? This is extremely annoying.

I was waiting for somebody else to answer this, but I guess that nobody has answered after 5 days because Gmail synchronization (including showing as read) just works perfectly for everybody else. It works across all of my Android devices (no matter how new/old) and it even works with my Windows/Outlook PCs (including showing read/unread). The only thing that I can possibly suggest is that you change the synchronization settings on your Android devices to be more frequent. (Perhaps stuff is syncing but just not as fast as you'd expect?)
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Okay, I will get into this.

I had issues with Gmail for over a year, and decided it was pure junk....

then one day, Yahoo quit working for me reliably, and Yahoo's calendar totally stopped sync'ing to anything, period.

that forced me to look elsewhere, and since my phones are all using the same email address, Gmail/Gcalendar looked to be the fix.

but, my problem was, Not Once!!!! has an email ever shown up in the Gmail Inbox... Not once!

I have a thread buried deep in this forum about that problem, and I got a lot of help going thru the inner workings of the settings.
What did I find? it is all dependent on the Gmail settings on the WEB, not your phone, or PC...

I do not recall the actual moment, or item that flipped the switch, but I do remember the sigh of relief when it all started working.

You will need to go into Settings and inspect each and every line and any options dealing with that line.
The two most critical sub-groups that finally fixed it for me was:
  • "Filters and Blocked Addresses" ( found a setting that diverted all inbound mail to somewhere else )
  • "Forwarding and IMAP/POP" ( this is critical or nothing will sync )

I can't express how much diligence you are going to have to devote to the SETTINGS for Gmail, if you don't, it won't ever work.
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