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Help going home stutter [vzw]


Aug 9, 2012
when i'm in an application and press back a bunch of times to go home, or even when i press the home button to go home directly, it takes the phone a second, as if touchwiz is stopping and restarting.

this issue happens for both apps that were included on the phone and apps that i've downloaded from the playstore.

this also resets my folders i have on the home screen (the order of the apps goes back to the order they were added not the custom order i set them in).

i have tried clearing data for touchwiz home, yet that hasn't solved the problem. i was going to reset the phone, but decided to put it up and see if anybody has a solution.

anybody else having the same problem? anybody know any solutions? any help would be much appreciated.
If you go in the settings of the S voice app and uncheck S voice launch then it will speed the function of the home button up. I think the hold down the home button and actual press of the home button tie up sometimes and cause it a delay. Some people actually press the home button a little long when going back to the home screen instead of pressing it. i hope that helps.
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