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Help Good Launchers for HTC ONE X

i m in the process of trying out the launchers for home screen.
I notice there are like heaps and heaps of launchers available at this stage.

Can ppl that has used them before, and used them with one x, share their experiences.
Like which one is bad and or hog resources or which one blends very well with one x, etc etc.

Also is it ok to install multiple launchers at once? what are the pros and cons of doing so?

Please advise or discuss!
Thank you~
Apex Launcher is pretty good, works really well on the One X, sometimes even faster than the Sense 4.0 launcher. The launcher takes away all the HTC widgets though, so the usual calendar, friend stream, or weather.. etc will be gone.

One problem I've noticed with launchers on the One X, is that the menu button will appear at the bottom of the screen, taking away around 1/10 of what the screen is capable of fitting. This is due to HTC's decision to take away the Menu capacitive button and replace it with a multi-task button. So popular launchers such as Go Launcher won't take advantage of the whole screen, which is a bummer. I've found somewhere that a root of the device and some tweaks can fix this, though.
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