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Good / Nice looking SMS widget?


Android Expert
Nov 11, 2009
Rochester, NY
Hey everyone. I'm looking for a nice looking, functional SMS widget. I'm currently using the one from Beautiful Widgets, but as much as I like the other widgets in that package, I think the SMS one is painfully ugly and doesn't fit with anything else on my home screen. I know I could have Handcent do popup notifications, but I would prefer to have a widget like the one I currently use that sits on the home screen.

Something skinnable would be preferable, but if nothing like that exists, then perhaps a simple, minimalistic or universal design.

Anybody know of anything that I might like? I'm willing to pay for a good one, it doesn't have to be a freebie.
If you're looking for popup notifications/sms widgets, definitely use SMS Popup.

It's not skinnable and it doesn't sit on the desktop but it's pretty much universal as far as I know and you can quick reply, set the type of notification you want (vibration pattern, led light color/pattern etc.) and archive or delete a message from it.

I've used it for a while and it's very solid. Best out there so far. It's also free.
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You're probably going to be hard-pressed to find a 4x1 sms widget... that's not a lot of room to text or really do anything...

You may be right. It doesn't necessarily have to be that size. I don't need to be able to text directly from the widget, either. The one I currently have just has small "compose" and "read" buttons and shows a preview of the last text received. That's all I really want, with a different/more appealing design. The buttons open up Handcent, which I still use to send texts and read the entire thing.

I guess what I'm looking for is rather simple. A nice looking little widget that shows the contents of the most recent text received, and clicking it should open up Handcent/Messaging so I can reply.
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pure messenger widget is what you want, but it's not free. You can add email as well and that is free, but no exchange integration yet.

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