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Good video camera on GSM phone?


May 18, 2011

I'm new to Android. I've always heard how customizable it is, but I came across this thread and fell in love. :eek:

I'm trying to decide which phone to get, but it's pretty confusing. I travel around the world a lot, so I really need something that works with any old sim card without hassle.


  • Unlocked GSM-- works on US AT&T, and accepts overseas sim cards
  • Good battery life and/or easy replaceable battery
  • Android 2.2
  • Large, nice looking screen
  • Good warranty

Would really like:

  • Good 720p video camera
  • Around or under $500

I don't need the latest greatest. The HTC Sensation looks pretty sexy, but I'm fine with getting an older phone that works. I'd like to have a phone that can replace my camera, so if the phone has a nice HD cam, that would be perfect. It's not a deal breaker though.

Some choices:
Galaxy S I9000T- seems like a great phone, but the camera has no flash.
Dell Venue (Android version)- brilliant screen and easily replaceable battery, but the HD camera is a joke.
G2x- awesome phone, but a lot of people have had problems getting it working outside of Tmobile.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Thanks for the response. I'll elaborate.

I'm not sure what bands specifically, but it has to work on AT&T's network in the US and Vodafone overseas to start with.

I don't have any screen types I like/dislike. I just assumed that some screens look better in the sun, have smoother touchscreen, etc. I didn't realize this was so subjective. If so, I'd just like some recommendations from what you guys like.

"Good" warranty is at least 1 year hardware, and preferably something I can renew. I don't plan on switching phones every 6 months. With the right phone, Android 2.2 would keep me happy for years.
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