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Help Google account questions


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Feb 26, 2013
1. How does Google account work, if I have google account does it mean that every Google app in the phone is using the same Google account? e.g. Google Photos, Drive, Playstore...

2. If I do not have Google account can I use any gmail to login Playstore so I can download from Playstore? Can I use the gmail to login playstore, download app, then logout of playstore, without adding the gmail to become google account?

3. If I have Google account e.g john @ gmail.com, can I use another different gmail e.g. johnnyrobinson @ gmail.com to login Playstore?

4. If I do not have Google Photos app, I have Google account, does Google account backup contains all photos and videos? Does Google account and Google Photos backup exact same images and videos?

5. If I have a new phone, what is the difference of restore backup from Google account vs Samsung account vs restore backup by using Samsung smart switch transfer from old phone.

6. Is there something like Playstore that do not require any login?

7. How to get playstore into a phone that does not have playstore or if I wish to reinstall playstore?

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Your Gmail account IS your Google account (You can have more that one if you want - one just for the play store and one for email use). And yes, it gives you access to all of Googles services.
When I change my phone (I did a few weeks ago) I restore from Google as part of the set-up, it restores all the apps from the old phone, plus contacts etc.

This link https://www.howtogeek.com/232726/how-to-install-the-google-play-store-on-your-amazon-fire-tablet/ will let you install the Play store and some other essential files on any Android device without the Play store. I used it for my Kindle Fire, but it should work for any Android device that's missing the Play store.
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Is it for all Google related apps, once you install the app on the phone you can immediately use it without entering password? Example, if I install Google Translate app or Google Drive app, once I go into the app it seems like it will auto login or maybe just login by pressing the google account email that the phone is using, no need to enter any password.
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