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Google Chrome help pls


Jan 18, 2016
I have just upgraded from the S4 to the S6 & still figuring it out.
I have lost the ability to save Images from the search engine. The Launcher (google search bar widget) automatically opens in a Google search engine & not Google Chrome. I need it to be in Google Chrome so I can tap on the images to save them. The normal launcher page will not let me save images. On the S4 I was able to hold my finger down on the photo & the option to save would pop up. Or I could open the image in a browser or on the web page it came from & save a clearer version there. None of these options are available on the S6.
I have cleared defaults & it doesn't help. It doesn't ask which browser you want to use.
Something else I'm really missing the multiple open tabs, those little boxes in the top right corner when you're browsing so you can flick between open pages.
Can anyone help please?
Hello and Welcome to Android Forums :D

Right, your questions.

Tabs are now part of open apps (which is garbage) and like multiple openings of Chrome. This idiotic behaviour can be changed back in Chrome settings under "Merge tabs and apps" - set it to off.

The only work around (which is clunky) to save images from a Google search is to open Google from Chrome (not sure about other browsers although it should be the same) and search from there. Images can be saved by long pressing as usual. I hope this helps.
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Omg you do not know how excited I am just to have those tabs back! Thank you Dynomot!
Yeah I am clicking on Chrome to open Google. Just wish the Google search bar Widget was linked to Chrome. The search bar is on my home screen & was all just so easy to use before. Now I have to open google chrome then type in the search bar. I know this isn't a huge drama, but I was just hoping to keep it simple & quick like the S4.
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