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Google Glass announces partnership with Luxottica, the folks behind Oakley, Ray-Ban and much more


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Apr 12, 2008
Google is getting ready to take their wearable headset into the mainstream. In an unexpected announcement made only moments ago via their official Google+, the Google Glass team have revealed their newest partnership in Glass eyewear: Luxottica. For those unaware,*Luxottica are the folks responsible for such popular brands as Oakley, Ray-Ban, Arnette, Oliver-Peoples and more. […]

Someone slipped a decimal point in the article. "over 5,000 stores in the US" should read 50,000, not 5,000. They OWN about 5,000 stores (including such names as Dress Barn, in addition to Lens Crafters and Sunglass Hut) - their products are sold in over 50,000 stores. Virtually every optometrist sells at least a few of their frame lines. (I worked for them for 12 years, including during the time that they first entered the world of the internet. We were servicing customers with 1200 baud modems before that.)
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