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Google Phone Conspiracy


Nov 27, 2009
Think of these things
1) Testing android across all platforms, receive feedback, tweak, test market
2) Confirmed rumors(on blogs and from my personal contacts) that people at Google phone dept are carrying 'google branded phone'.
3) Google wave being tested....an extremely important application for interoffice cooperation...targets work groups and organizations. Allows for interoperability from workers all over the world.
4) Google Voice...the biggest piece....Google wont have infrastructure to sell traditional voice plans.....Google voice eliminates need for such infrastructure..biggest hurdle overcome
5) White Space - FCC cleared way for us of white space....Google confirmed to be working on white space technology.

All of the pieces are there. Google has been steadily working to interconnect all major services that it offers from Gmail, calendar, contacts, wave, voice and others....You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a Google branded data only, VOIP, white space super 'phone'.....it's coming ...:cool:
Any other details your "Personal contacts" have shared? Special features? Designs? anything at all

Not really. I don't know anyone in the actual cellphone department, only people in the software development department who are working on phone stuff. So when I get confirmed info, it will be second hand info, albeit still pretty solid.

Google phone is still a ways off but I do know, confirmed, that Dragon/Passion units have been shipped to carrier executives and prevalent application developers(ie Google).
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