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google photos download question


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Jan 3, 2013
i have the galaxy a21 and it runs android 11 one ui core version 3.1 . anyway, i have tons of pictures on the phone i guess theya re on googls site because when i plug the phone into the pc i see maybe 50 photos. but on the phone, i see hundreds all the way back to 2016 when i started using a samsung then lg phones.

i tried clicking the google photo app and then selectin some photos and then the hamburg menu and there is nothing there that tells me to download selected items to the phone.

googles instructions are to open the app select the photos open the HB menu then download to the phone then i can move the th sd card. but i do not see that option.

what i need to do is when i pug the phone into the pc and click on dcim then camera and then see the photos on the phone i would like to put them on the sd card so i can see them every time i plug into the pc. i use the phone to take photos for when i take things apart and want reference for reassembly. or if i have to go back months to recall an item to show someone in a forum. but i do not get the older photos. if i open the google app i can see them all the way back to 2016.

so does anyone have a way to get this done? i'm out of options that i can think of.

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If you want to change the default save location for your photo and videos, use the Settings menu in your Camera app. The Camera app is what actually creates photos and videos so go into the Settings menu of the app itself, and there should be an option to change the default save directory.

Since you'll be changing the default directory for your photos and videos, you might want to move all your photos and videos so they're all in that same folder in your microSD card. Google Photos, and the Gallery app if you still use that, should be able to auto-detect and index both folders but just so you've got a better handle on where the actual files are stored you might find it less of a hassle to have them all in one folder. You can use the already installed My Files app, Samsung's basic file manager, to move your files around.
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ok so i just changed the storage location to the sd card. so will the photos that are on internal now find their way into the sd card for storage?

and if they do move by themselves into the sd card storage will the google photos migrate back into the sd card for storage?

when i did a search on how to put google photos back on my phone those instructions did not apply to my phone as i do not have the same steps.

i open the google fan icon then tap some photos to check them then click the 3 dots in the upper right top side of Hamburg menu and i do not see any reference to downloading them back to the phone.

so does anyone know how i can get the google photos back into my phone so i can get them to the sd card. if that is not possible then i will have to get a 128gb phone so i might just be able to get them into internal storage.

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