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Google Pixel 6 Reviews

I bought this phone to be my backup phone and now it's my daily driver lol.

I can't do a full review but I love the UI and the theming of the apps is good.

Very smooth transition between screens. No lag. Still testing battery life so can't comment on that.

I haven't had a Google phone since the Galaxy Nexus in 2012 so it's been a loooooong time. I love the ease in setting up the phone. Even using a backup from my LG V60 to set up app. Love it.

Now, coming from an LG, I do miss the sd card, quad dac, and no headphone jack. So, I'll be going back and forth between the LG V60 and this Google Pixel 6.

I can say that I usually buy the bigger phones if offered like (S8+ vs S8 etc). THe Pixel 6 is more than enough phone for me. I don't see the need to have the Pixel 6 Plus.

EDIT: I just bought the adapter to use my wired headphones and I am happy with the sound. Maybe it's my headphones but it sounds pretty good to me.
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While I don't have one, olbriar, my wife does.
She's not one to download a bunch of apps to play with, she does do the Facebook and YouTube.
When she first got it I was fairly impressed with it's performance but the lack of an MSD slot worried me. She takes a lot of pictures of our grandkids and has run out of space several times and had to clear out a bunch. No, she doesn't backup to Google and doesn't want to.
It's got a good camera that takes awesome pictures.
As long as she can get me to move her pictures to another drive I think she's gonna hang on to it until it dies.
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