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Help Google Play store not installing apps


Apr 7, 2012
I got my Galaxy S8 the week it came out, and on Tuesday 5/30 I started having an issue where my work email app was not working correctly (Email app called Good). Whist troubleshooting that, I started to notice that apps would download and show 100% downloaded and then not install. I then do a restart after it would install that app on startup, as well a bunch of notifications, and app updates would pop up.

The issue started with the Good email app, where I would logon to it, I would get new emails, then it would stay open. Normally the app would lock up after a couple minutes. If I would close out of the app from the in app menu’s. log on to it again and it would work that one time, then stop working again. This is a app that uses a company server.

Now it seems to be affecting more then one of my devices. I also have a Galaxy Tab A and I cannot seem to install anything on there either. It also seems that the app will download 100%, and then hang. Then minutes, to an hour later it is installed. I have read on some forums that a factory reset has not always worked.

I have done the following:
  • Reinstalled the Good email app several times using different data sources (Mobile data, 3 different Wifi’s).
  • Restarted the phone numerous times.
  • In the App Manager I have
    • Google Play Store:
    • Cleared Cache
    • Cleared App data
    • Uninstalled updates
    • Google Play services
      • Clicked manage Storage, and cleared all data
    • Google Services Framework
      • Cleared Cache
      • Cleared App data
    • Reset the app preferences
  • From the internal storage settings, cleared the cache
  • [From my tablet] removed google account and re-added
Things I have not tried yet:
  • Factory Reset – this is the one thing I do not want to do.
I went to this site http://downdetector.com/status/google-play and I see a comment from today.
Extra long delay in installing apps or updates after downloading, this has been happening quite regularly sometimes more than an hour. This happens also on my wife's android phone.


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