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Google PlayStore DL speeds are SLOW


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Jun 28, 2012
So ever since ive had wifi at my house about a year ive used my old Gnex my new Nexus 5 and Galaxy tab 8.0 they all download apps very slow like 50kb/s or slower . i can download things in Chrome at normal speeds. but the Playstore is always slow even youtube buffers for a bit. any ideas on what to do . none of my devices are rooted so no root apps please
I often find that Play Store downloads can be rather slow as well, maybe 30k-80k on WiFi. Likely due to the country I'm in.

OP, you're in Canada? Is your ISP or carrier Rogers by any chance? It's just that I've heard stories that they might be throttling certain things, like Skype and Youtube. I know in the past some people using Skype had a hard time with Rogers. This was on the TWiT podcasts. I believe that Rogers can be a monopoly in some parts of Canada, like if you want internet service you have to go to Rogers.
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