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google problems


Oct 12, 2012
Hi new to this my friends xpria mini andriod phone has problems on the main screen where the google is. You get a message statiing "405 thats a error the request method is inappropriate for the url/m?hl=en&gl=gb&client=msandroid-hms-vf-gb&source=android launcher-search&q=ourlounge thats all we know" it doent seem to matter what i type in i get this code can anyone help as cant seem to solve it and as its on the main screen also cant delete iti have to go in to the menu bar where the setting ect are & use the browers from there it has im with vodaphone so use their browers and access google from there I have never had a problem before untill the last two days. if any one can help it would be much appriecatied


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