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Google Talk On Android


May 30, 2010

I have recent moved from a Blackberry Storm2 to a HTC Desire and im loving the change but i cant seem to understand something.

On Gtalk on Blackberry it was in Beta and it worked very well with great features. I load up Gtalk on my Desire and features are missing!! I cant send any files via that like photos etc.

Why is Gtalk on a google OS lack features compared to Gtalk on a different phone/OS? Even smilies are missing!!!!

Can anyone shed light on this? :p

Thanks :D
I have noticed that Google are not very enthusiastic about their GTalk (computer) application even. They encourage people to use the gchat built into the mailboxes. This is why the mailboxes got a video upgrade but gtalk did not. (Reason could be ads in the mailboxes bring revenue to google while gtalk does not)

Anyway, files can be sent by mail while chatting as it can be done easily from the same window, so google chat interface is likely to remain simple in the future too.

It's unlikely that the google talk app will support file sharing anytime in the future IMO.

As for smileys, use a keyboard with easy smileys. :)
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I upgraded :)() from Verizon Blackberry curve to DroidX. On BB, I used GTalk with no problem. On DroidX I set up 2 Gmail accounts; one for the sole purpose of syncing the Google calendar and contacts on my and my wife's DroidX's. The other one I use for a lot of email and on the BB used it for GTalk. I now have an icon on DroidX that brings up my Gmail email with no problem (this is the Gmail that I use for email and did use for Google Talk on the BB). The problem is that the Google Talk icon brings up the other Gmail address that I use to sync our 2 phones and I can find no way to change it to the other one (the one I used on the BB and the one I use for my actual email). We don't want to use the same Gmail account for Google Talk because that would be ridiculous. I called Verizon. they were very pleasant, but had no idea how to fix the problem......HELP!!!:)
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I think its ridiculous if Google is putting gtalk to the side.... what is the point of having a messaging system if they are still going to make you use email.... it is more simple to use email to send a message and a file but that's not what ppl want.... we want a fluid system that makes connections even more simple.... I hate to be another to mention bbm cause that's comparing two different applications but bbm is the perfect look at how gtalk should be... gtalk beta on the blackberry was perfect so why can't they just copy that format and put it on a GOOGLE powered phone?
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