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Google Voice SMS

It isn't better if you want to text using wifi.

I havent seen any rule saying you cant use google voice SMS on wifi...i just sent a txt from a wifi network. Skype is the only app that i know of that restricts which type of network you use (wifi or 3g)

in any case, why would it matter? If you have a 3g connection, how much damage could a message containing a few KB do to your data plan? I have the "unlimited" 5GB plan from verizon, and I've been texting like theres no tomorrow and havent gone over my allotment of data
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Another reason to use GV SMS via wifi is if your parents live in a black hole and you have Sprint "coverage".

I've never had an Android phone (yet) so I'm wondering, can you set GV to be the default app to handle SMS? I had textplus on iPhone and I don't want people to have to text me on a random number. How does it work on Android?
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