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Got a second back order email from bestbuy..

I ordered the Gray 32gb yesterday from BB. It does say 0-1 days but I wouldn't hold my breathe on a tracking number tomorrow. The BB rep I talked to after I ordered it said UPS isn't going to be shipping any BB packages until Tuesday.

On top of that there is still a chance that they allowed people to order them by accident, they may not have the tablets to fill these orders. Android Police said that page might have been given to people who had their preorders cancelled by accident and that they didn't release it on the main site for a reason.

I am hoping not to hear anything tomorrow (probably bad news if I do) and get a tracking number on Tuesday.

P.S. I still have high hopes because I would think they would have shut that page down by now if it was a mistake. No way it slipped through the cracks, even on a holiday.
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I just kept the champagne order I originally placed in november ..they charged my credit card already ..but if I dont get it before my next billing cycle I will be raising hell with best buy..pretty sure its not legal to pay interest on services not rendered

Yep, the Champagne I pre-ordered with Amazon on Day 1 back in Novemenber is still showing a 1-11 Delivery date. That's one good thing about Amazon they don't post the entire amount against your card till it ships. I think they charge $1 just to make sure the card is active.
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