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Got a text while visiting Japan


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Dec 3, 2009
Using an HTC Evo Shift with Sprint, which of course is CDMA.

Shortly after arriving in Japan last Friday I received a text from Sprint saying...

In Japan to call US dial 0101-area code-number. Calls 1.99/min, Txt sent 0.50 recvd 0.05. Sprint Care 010-1-817-698-4199. Data service available in Japan on 3GSM network with capable device set device to GSM mode to access data services.

How is this possible? The Shift isn't an international phone.
After a quick Google search, I discovered that Japan does indeed have a limited CDMA network in some areas. So yes, it is very possible that you were able to receive that text message. When your phone registered on the local network, it was reported to Sprint for proper call routing. That likely would have triggered the message. According to Sprint's website, CDMA messaging is limited to inbound only.

CDMA service in Japan...I learn something new every day. :)
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