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Gowalla for Android Available in the Market

I don't know if I'm having an isolated issue or not, but this thing won't ever update my location. I'm at work (30 miles from home) and it still shows that I'm at home and won't update the list of near by check-in venues.

I had this same issue all yesterday too. It's like my location is static. I really wanted to try Gowalla out some more, but I ended up wrestling with it for bit while I was out and about yesterday before giving up and checking in with foursquare.

This is kind of a disappointing launch for an app I was looking forward to.

Anyone else having this issue?
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I've given up on it, after weeks of trying. Gowalla even released an update and it seems to have made things worse for me. Before I could update GoWalla but Facebook updates were 50/50. Now it won't even find me via GPS at all!

Brightkite is releasing a new universal app called Check.in that looks promising. It basically allows you to the check in with Foursquare or GoWalla at once. The private beta just started, for those interested.
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