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GPS app - looking for recommendations

as far as i know there are only 2 available. navigon and google maps

Thanks I'll check out navigon.

As near as I can figure, regular Google Maps does not show enough of data that I need. I'm not sure if there's a "Pro" version or not. Basically I need lat/long and horizontal accuracy.

I also like having the number of sattelites showing so that when the phone is sitting there looking for a location I know whether to keep trying or whether I can bail because there's not enough signal.
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Try GPS Status

I did. Wow, that's way cool. Thanks. I'm going to compare it to a handheld and see how it does. I bet it's pretty close. Now I can use the phone in a pinch if I need to collect data for work. It even lets you select the units for the

The compass is both awesome and hilarious.

If only the phone had SiRF receiver instead of Qualcomm, it would be even better. Google's brand phone will have SiRF Star III, from what I understand (or whatever it's called now that SiRF merged with CSR)
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