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GPS apps for Canada

I have looked into CoPilot, WisePilot, and Sygic. I am mainly looking for best value for when traveling by car. Just not wanting to throw my money into something that isnt going to benefit traveling (directions/POI). From what I gathered so far, CoPilot is a onetime fee for the basic app, and add-ons are extra. Were as WisePilot is a liences that is vaild for only 2 years before you have to renew. Similar for Sygic. I used to have a hand held GPS from Garmin but was stolen. So instead of buying another one thinking of getting one for my phone. Any other opinions are always welcome.
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Like the man said "what's wrong with Google maps ??????????????? It's the best around and FREE SO WHAT IS WRONG WITH GOOGLE???

I have to agree with that "Google". I have tried Navagon and also CoPilot but still prefer Google Navigation. I am also in Canada, but CoPilot the maps were too outdated and it took me round in circles a few times. Navigon looked very nice and worked well but I still went back to Google Navigation.
Just my thoughts.

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