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Group Messaging on Nexus 6P


Jan 13, 2016
Alright, I am new here so I apologize if this is in the wrong section.

In November of 2014 I got an iPhone, after a couple of months I joined some iMessage group chats with some friends. Last August I decided to go back to my OnePlus One which I had previous to the iPhone, put my SIM card in and my group chats don't work. I read online and it says that iMessage has not been disabled for my phone number, so I turned it off. I waited two weeks before trying the group chat again still, not working quite right.

Here is what is happening: Someone will send a message, it comes in as a individual message and it says "Downloading MMS..." this takes upwards of 3-5 minutes, then it finally shows up in the actual group message (Which my that time the topic of the group chat has completely changed). When I try to send a message it tries for about 5-10 minutes, then sometimes it sends and most of the time I have to try again.

I have tried multiple texting applications: Signal, Default, Hangouts, Textra, and many more (Can't remember) and they all had about the same issue.

Now fast forward to today; I am looking to buy a new phone, right now it is between the iPhone 6S or the Nexus. I would really like to use the Nexus since I have and AndroidWear watch and I enjoy the ecosystem of Android to begin with.

My question is to you: What are your experiences with group-chats? The one I use most often is with 3 other people (iPhone users) and myself. Also, those friends are Apple fanboys, so the chances of me getting them to do something on their phones to fix the issue is slim.

If you need anymore information let me know. However, the OnePlus is not in my hands anymore, I sold it to help pay for my next phone.


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