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Gs2 or gs3???


Jul 7, 2011
I have AT&T and i know that the galaxy s 2 (GS2) will be coming out soon. I do consider myself somewhat of a geek in the sense that i like to be able to say, "HAH! my phone can handle anything better than yours!". So my big question is, is it worth getting the GS2 with its awsome specs, or waiting until the Galaxy s 3 (GS3) comes out with its most likely, mind blowing specs?:eek:
.. and then wait for the GS4 with even better specs? :p (Just kidding)

But on a serious note, get the phone that meets your needs. Don't keep waiting as there will ALWAYS be a higher-spec'ed phone than the one you purchase. When you feel ready, evaluate the current (or soon to be released) phones and decide which one fits you best in terms of what you're looking for and what you need to accomplish. Waiting for "the next best thing" will have you wait forever as technology is an ever-evolving area and is changing at an extremely fast pace. If the SG2 fits your needs, I'd say get that.
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The waiting to buy the newest phone game is pointless. Like woop said something better is always around the corner and once something knocks it off its throne it'll be far less than what you paid on cl, or with a contract. Also no offense to the OP,as I don't know you, but most the android users I meet that run around bragging aren't actually aware of what thier current phone can do. I know a G2x owner who almost shat himself when I played superbad on my phone lol
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