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Help GS3 Phone memory FULL...?


Android Expert
Jun 14, 2010
I noticed this morning that my phone's memory is FULL. It is a 16GB version but I've NEVER had a phone evencome close to full before.

I used windows flie explorer and checked out how much space everything was using. I added everything I saw up and could only come up with less than 8GB! I went ahead and used app to SD via TBu but that did very little.

I figure that there has got to be something on my phone that Windows file explorer cannot see. Next, I used Root Explorer on android but I could not tell how big the file sizes are with it (that I know of).

Finally, I found an app (diskuseage) that will graphically show my memory. Does it look unusual? I was kind of surprised that my phone (16gb) only shows as 12 to start with. Next I noticed under media there is quite a bit of space taken up called 'obb'. I Googled it but still have no idea what it does or it it is safe to erase it.

Anyone know what else I can do to find areas that can be cleared? Anyone know if obb can be cleared (4GB!).

Any pointers would be helpful



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