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Handcent Not Sendind MMS


Nov 9, 2009
Ever since Friday night, Handcent will not send MMS messages on my Eris. I've re-booted my device and re-installed Handcent. I've also tried sending MMS messages to different contacts, on different networks. I can receive them just fine. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
Yes, there is a red circle with an exclamation point in the middle. The error message says: "The message has sent fail, please select action for the message?"

when you click the icon I believe you can hit resend or something to that effect? Still fails? Did it give you the option of resizing the picture as usual? Anything else out of the ordinary?
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Yes, it asks me to resize like always. Then, the green indicator circle animation thing just keeps spinning and spinning. When I long press on the error message, it gives me the option to resend, but the same thing happens.

One more troubleshooting step.

Have you attempted to send MMS via the default app, if so does this work. Just trying to make sure we're focusing efforts in the correct place.
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