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Handcent SMS - Horrible

I like evolve but to many mms problems, Textra is okay but I had an issue where I wouldn't get notifications for new sms. Chomp had the same issue.
I liked hellosms but it got really buggy and again mms issues.,
I tried gosms and it was just awful, I expected that though.
Hangouts has gotten pretty bad since the last update.

8sms is pretty good. I've never had any problems with it. Give it a try!
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Just looked at some of my daughter's texts using both Evolve and Textra, and on mine they appear as keyboard symbols on Textra and as emoticons with Evolve (that's with "enable emoticons" ticked in Evolve settings but no emoji downloads).

Got Evolve looking prettier now (chose a theme I liked then decompiled it to fix the things I thought could be improved), but Textra is that little bit faster (particularly scrolling through the conversation list, for some reason). So still alternating at the moment.
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