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Help Hangouts has my number wrong; no MMS


May 7, 2015

I can receive and send SMS via Hangouts but cannot send or receive MMS via Hangouts. Same is true for the original messaging system that was loaded on my phone when I purchased it.

When MMS fails, I get a message that my subscriber plan is not data enabled. But Virgin Mobile confirms I do have a data plan that supports MMS.

Lastly, despite my ability to send and receive SMS via my actual phone number, Hangouts is displaying an incorrect carrier phone number that is off by a single digit. I have no idea from where Hangouts is retrieving that incorrect number and how I can still txt using my real number if Hangouts thinks I have a different number.

Anyone have any ideas?

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You could try downloading your internet/mms settings again. Don't know what phone this is but will be somewhere like Settings>Wireless & Networks?More>Internet settings.
I am not sure where Google pulls the information from but may be worth logging into your Google+, have a look in settings and see what number is stored in there
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