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Hardkour [free][arcade]


Oct 30, 2014
Hey all, this is my flappy bird inspired game. While it's nothing like flappy bird, the inspiration came in the form of simple controls and restart on gameover... however, its not easy like sunday mornings... ha

[marketing speil]

HARDKOUR is a Parkour styled runner where you play ahead of time, put your moves in before you get to the direction cubes by tapping the left or right side of the screen.

The more moves you put it ahead of time, the faster your player runs giving you a faster better score. If you have a great memory and quick reflexes, you are gonna love this.

[/marketing speil]

Its currently only on android, but iOS/WP8 isnt far away. Sorry I dont have any screenshots handy, but here's short video that will cover all your wtf does it look like/how do you play it needs.


Linky: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fingerbait.hardkour

The leaderboards are going cross platform, so it will be android vs IOS vs WP8 (although the ios and wp8 players will have to wait a little longer)

New Version out on Android! New version has also been submitted to Apple Store & Windows Phone store.

Features include:
+ Music and Sound Effects Added
+ Updated intro sequence to include extra jumps + onscreen cues
+ Introduced Life System - You can now make 3 mistakes (note: all lives expire at 50 pts)
+ Added best score to Leaderboard screen

Also Some Official Reviews!!

IndieGameMag - http://indiegamemag.com/hardkour-a-fast-paced-parkour-retro-runner/

App Apes - http://app-apes.com/2014/12/hardkour/
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