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Having issues with newly bought Note 4 for sprint - Used - Turning off and freezing

Jun 16, 2017
So i bought this phone about a week ago on amazon and just used it for two days.
Clean esn all that stuff, great phone

But after my workout (i was cycling) i turn the phone sideways to play a youtube video, then turned it right side up again and the screen went dark and the phone froze and shut off.

This lead to MULTIPLE times of this issue happening on the SECOND day of ownership, which sucked.

Today in the morning i called sprint and returned my line to my old NOTE 3 (great phone btw)

Im gonna test the phone out again this weekend and see how it functions.

What could be the cause of this? It is used and bought from amazon, the phone was fine for a day then started turning off after the youtube incident. I reset the phone today in the morning but it was still getting stuck.

and one of the times that it shut off randomly it displayed an Android bot icon with a "downloading now..." text on the front and some more text on the top left of the phone (got scared and removed the battery)

Really want a NOTE 4, its my dream phone pretty much. This would be my second one and i dont want to return it and search again, what can solve my problem?


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