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Hey everyone,

Just popping by to quickly introduce myself. I'm 25 almost 26. I live in New York and am pretty much in love with anything technology (also anything pink and with ponies or kittens!) I run a kitten blog on tumblr, and when I'm not doing that or working, I am spending my time inter-netting and reading as much as I can about tech.

I am the owner of: Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Sega dream cast, Sega game cube, Nintendo DS, amazon Kindle, HTC Evo 3D, Hp Desktop, HP all in one, iPod, Various MP3 players.

I'm more into what technology can do, what it looks and feels like. I am learning more about specs and stuff, so at this point I'd consider myself a semi-literate techie, lol.
Hello and welcome to the forums- thanks for joining!

You sound like you will fit right in here... have a bit of a look around and check out the various sub-forums (don't miss Android Forums - HTC Evo 3D and Android Forums - Amazon Kindle Fire).

Hope you find this place useful... hit one of us guides up if you need any help navigating the forums :)
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