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Help help 3e recovery

How do i get 2e recovery, my rom manager no longer works.since i did the reg hack to update my uk i9000 from eclair JM1 to froyo JP6

The recovery is now 3e, and i suspect its this why rom manager doesnt work anymore.

I hope there is a simple fix!
I used the reg hack to get kies to recognise froyo and udated though kies.
In my opinion the best way to begin exploring your Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 (and similar) is to backup everything before any falshing! Therefore I prepared scripts to create a backup of the whole Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 without flashing.

First you need to root the device (it is also possible without installing/copying anything to it) and than make a backup, after that you can fearlessly flash (unless you are flashing boot partitions) it with everything you want to remove Recovery 3e.

You can get it at: Index of /0469-Android/f/

Steps: Get into Linux, connect over USB and set USB debugging mode, get ADB to work (./bin/adblinux), root the phone (script ./doroot.sh) and make a backup with ./dobackup.sh.

Note: Use at your own risk! Feel free to modify it and sent patches.

More info on: Android Development @ GW
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