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Help Help. Both camera and back buttons not working

Hi, I have a rooted Droid X that I just upgraded to .602. Now I don't think this was caused by the upgrade, but I noticed that neither the back button nor the camera buttons are working. I'm not sure if its hardware or software. Running the camera, I do get a response when I press the camera button, but doesn't take a picture, just blinks the screen. Is there a setting for the hardware buttons or is it time to bring it back to the store?
So after removing root from the device, sbfing to 596, factory reset including sdcard, taking the ota to .602, Verizon rejects my warranty because they claim that there is corrosion on the power port. What corrosion I say. See how your power port is slightly discolored. I'm like what the f*** are you talking about, that may have been how it came. So now I'm stuck paying $100 for an insurance claim. What a ripoff
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