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motorola droid x

  1. P

    Help Stream to smart TV ???

    is it possible to stream movies from my DroidX via the micro HDMI connection. I've tried but the TV screen displays a "no signal" message Any help will be appreciated
  2. W

    Help Saving Visual Voicemails (Looking for where they are saved in phone)

    Hey Everyone! I have a Moto X (1st gen) that used to be active with Republic Wireless. There's currently no service on the phone. I have it in airplane mode. I am selling the phone and would like to save all of the stored / saved "Visual Voicemail" messages. Not sure if visual voicemail is the...
  3. Q

    Started video and let it run - now I can't view it???

    I turned on my camcorder and let it run propped up on a table. When I came back to watch it later, I get an error message that says "File cannot be displayed or played". It shows in the gallery that there is a video there with the date attached to it, but I can't view it. How can I fix it...
  4. C

    Help What is Log start: /mnt/sdcard/glogs/1224-092149.txt?

    Can anyone tell me what this is? -Log start: /mnt/sdcard/glogs/1224-092149.txt 0: (Sat Dec 24 21:21:49 EST 2011) HornbillMidlet.startApp: initializing application 0: (Sat Dec 24 21:21:52 EST 2011) Inspecting launch command: null 0: (Sat Dec 24 21:21:59 EST 2011)...
  5. A

    Help Any way to move phone calendar events to gmail?

    I've had my phone for over a year now and never thought I'd need to sync my calendar events with a gmail account calendar. Now that I've added a few hundred events to my calendar, I find the need to do this. Trying to find out why my phone didn't sync it's calendar to my gmail calendar led me to...
  6. Skynet11

    Official Motorola Droid X User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Motorola Droid X User Manual - The official Motorola Droid X User Guide Read more about this resource...
  7. donbia

    Help can I chage motherboards between droide x and x2

    I have a droid x that is in prime condition, and a droid x2 that is well used but works well, what I have in mind is to take the motherboard out of the x2 and put into the x to have a prime case and the faster processor, I also thought of just changing the cases, but that seems to be a lot of...
  8. A

    Root PagePlus, Rooted DX still on 4.5.605

    DroidX 4.5.605.MB810.Verizon.en.US, PagePlus MNVO Hi all Can my phone be brought into 2014? and usefulness again? Back in 2011 I "froze" my phone at Gingerbread 2.3.3 by changing a "BlurUpdater.apk" to "BlurUpdater.bak" because I didn't want to loose root access. Since then, I haven't messed...
  9. D

    Upgrade MB870 Question.

    I have an MB870 that I would like to upgrade to CM10. Major problem however. The USB port is defective. Can not connect to PC, nor can it be charged. I have extra batteries and a charger. Change batteries every morning. Keep extra in car. Is there any way to upgrade by downloading the software...
  10. M

    Help Missing photos and videos from NQ Vault

    Hey! I had stored some photos and videos in my Vault. hen I opened my vault to play, i was not able to open it. suddenly it says,"encripting and hiding". unfortunately none of the photos and videos were visible. Can anybody help me in finding it? I have not connected to internet or PC
  11. F

    Root rooted and removing sd card

    Just upgraded to a Razr Maxx HD. I'm planning to give my wife my rooted droid x. If I remove my SD card will the phone still be rooted and able to use Ti Backup?
  12. S

    Help Motorola ADB Interface Error

    Hello everyone! First time poster here. I have, however, read up on quite a few threads in this forum related to my issue. What i am trying to do is push a version of a game that i am developing to my Moto X for testing; however, the issue lies within the computer not recognizing the phone...
  13. S

    Help button issues

    I just bought a used droid x online and the phone is great except the 4 buttons on the bottom and the camera button only work randomly. When they stop working a white light comes on the first button and stays on. Is there any way to fix this problem? I have already downloaded button savior but i...
  14. A

    Hi - new to old Droid.....

    Hi everyone, So as my name suggests - I'm a bit behind. I hung on to my dumbphone for ages. I only used it as a basic phone - never used the camera, etc. I inherited an older Motorola Droid X - Android version 2.3.4 from about 2010. and I have managed the phone and texting but not much...
  15. D

    Stuck at Motorola logo

    I have an old Droid X that I'm giving to one of my kids. It was having some issues and stopped booting in general. I decided to sbf and opened up rsdlite, pointed to the sbf file I was told to use (since I took that nasty OTA update that made my phone not allow any sbf before it), and it...
  16. B

    battery life is terrible

    I have a older dorid x and u love rhe phone i actually just bought it from a friend and the phone is great but I fully charge my battery and it only takes like 10-20 min and it tells me its fully charged My oroblem is I can take it off charge and dont use ot all and thw battery will stay good...
  17. K

    Wifi trouble!

    Alright, so my dad recently setup a new router in the house. In order to connect, you have to enter the SSID and key manually (I'm trying to say that it doesnt show up when you scan for networks). When I enter the SSiD and key manually on devices, such as my iPod, it works and connects. However...
  18. F

    Root Messages 2.3.4

    I have froze Messages 2.3.4 and Messaging 2.3.4. I can't see any problem with my text messaging since this. Does anyone know what these 2 apps do? Also, This isn't an issue but I'm curious if the following is normal for bootstrap. Every time I restart from being powered off it first goes...
  19. CheshireTeaCat

    Root Help installing custom ROM's

    Honestly I'm starting to lose interest in the whole project. I want to learn how to put a custom rom on my phone and personalize it but can't seem to find anyone willing to explain to me how! Reading through the threads is all well and good but if you don't know where to start, its pretty useless!
  20. F

    Root USB Bootloader 30.04 Screen

    When I connect my droid x to the computer usb with it powered off I'm stuck on a black and white Bootloader 30.04 screen that shows: Bootloader 30.04 Battery OK OK to Program Transfer Mode: USB But, if I leave the phone powered on, I get the normal charging, usb, pc mode options. Is this...
  21. R

    Root Am I screwed??

    I know this has been asked before but my droid x needs to be .sbf'ed but the battery's dead. Is there anything I can do???
  22. fowlstack

    need help with Accessibility setting

    I have turned on the irritating text to voice from accessibility and now I am unable to return there to shut it off. The female voice thingy will open settings, and states "showing 14 of 34 settings". Since accessibility is at the bottom of the screen, probably around #30, after turning on the...
  23. T

    Root Need Help Fixing My Droid X

    So around 2010/2011 I had rooted my droid x with apex 1.4.1 and I'm trying to factory reset this phone to it's original state completely. I couldn't seem to do it through the privacy function in the settings so I'm not sure what else to do. I can give any information as asked upon PLEASE I need...
  24. J

    My Droid X Phone is Bricked, Dead, and Won't Charge!

    I have a droid x that has a dead battery and it is bricked. I tried to unbricked it but the battery is dead. I plug into a wall charger and it turns on first it show the M logo then it shows a battery with a '?' on it (like the phone does has no battery in it). I have a battery in it but why is...
  25. M

    Anyway to start voice control for sending a message?

    Moto voice is nice, problem is it only gives me an option to read a text and respond to it when it receives it. Looking for a way to do this when I want to, read the text, respond, even send a text. When I send a text, it runs it through google now which means I need to read the message on the...