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Help! Google Message App Issues on Android Phone


Oct 20, 2015
I have a Moto G Power TracFone running Andriod version 11. I have been using Google Messages for texting on this for a few years, without any issues.

All of sudden, I started having problems yesterday. I have an icon/shortcut for Google Messages in the shortcuts found at the bottom of my screen (so they are always present even when you side swipe to other pages). I have been using this for years. Now, when I click on the App Icon, I get a message that says "App isn't installed", and I cannot use it. The really weird thing is, if I go to Settings, go to the Apps, and pull up the Google Messages app from the listing and click on "Open", it opens just fine and I am able to use it! So it obviously is still installed!

This is a very inconvenient way to get to Google Messages. I really do not want to have to go to Setting, Apps, etc every time I want to send a text! I want to repair or rebuild this shortcut, but cannot find how to do that.

Here are some things I have tried, with no luck so far:
- made sure there is enough memory on my room (I am not close to running out of room)
- restarted the fun
- pulled it up under Settings --> Apps and uninstalled updates
- went to Google Play store and reinstalled Google Messages app

None of these fixed the issue. The only thing it seemed to do is change the font size of my text messages.
Can anyone help?

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Long press on the icon on your home screen and choose delete or move it to the top for removal. Then swipe up to bring up your app drawer, scroll to your messages app icon, long press on it and drag to your home screen.
Yep, that is exactly what I did to fix it, prompted by the first response.
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