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Help help I incorrect pin code for lock screen but pin is correct, phone is unlocked

I uninstalled the app and it still says incorrect pin. I was able to get into my phone with remote unlock. Now I can lock my phone and then to unlock it all I have to do is swipe. But when I go to disable the pin I still get incorrect pin. I copied all my pics to a memory card. Is a hard reset all I can do.
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I definitely uninstalled it. I just did a reboot and it didn't help. When it powered back on it was locked again. I had to use remote unlock. I tried the pin again and it is still incorrect. Why isn't it asking for a pin everytime I unlock it. Only when I rebooted this time. I am going to give my daughter her laptop back in the morning so I want be able to remote unlock. I have to either fix it or hard reset soon.
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Delete all the certificates instead of doing a Factory Reset. That is where the pincodes are stored.

I had the same thing happen when I installed FoxFi and it asked for a pincode. I assumed (yep, it got me) that was for the app only... uh, no, it is the unlock code for the phone and I did not even record it.

If you have the phone registered with Google and/or Samsung, you can access the phone online that way instead of doing a Factory Reset.
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