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Help Help, i want to get pictures from my galaxy but it won't boot


Oct 28, 2010
i get to see the clock/screensaver/lockscreen but the background is black with no icons
it will boot to the recovery menu if that helps anyone

i would really appreciate any help given, i just want the pictures from there i couldn't care less about anything else


i reset my phone in recovery and all my media was still there, so crisis over
thanks for that but that doesn't help me when i don't know how to work adb. i'd already read that before i made the thread so i should have quoted that myself.:eek:
the phone isn't rooted either but i had just downloaded kies before it started to do this, if it helps.
i want the pictures because there is probably a thousand pictures i have taken over the summer since i had the phone, so it ain't just one or too i am willing to overlook.
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