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Help installing ROM's

After installing cmw recovery,
have the rom you want on your sd card of course made specifly for the phone
then to boot into recovery while powering on the phone
hold home and you should boot into recovery if you installed cmw
after that if you don't feel confortable make a back up in the recovery
after that do a wipe data/factory reset
then wipe cache partition
and then go to advance and do a wipe dalvik cache
after that go back then click install zip from sd card
then choose zip from sd card
and locate the zip you downloaded
and install that
after everything is done
you should reboot
Note: if it takes more than 20 minutes reinstall the ROM or download a different one
usually the first boot up take 10-15 minutes
hope that helped message me if you need anything else :p
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there is a huge thread in All Things Root on cwm recovery. read through EVERY post in the thread before doing anything, and then go back and start from the beginning of the thread and work as u go. this will save a lot of frustration, as pretty much every question possible has been asked and answered in that thread. just make sure u understand what ur doing BEFORE u start. flashing roms is a whole other world from just rooting the phone, and a lot of noobs get tripped up on it. please, if u read thru the thread twice and still dont understand the process, ask questions before doing anything else. its easier to guide u thru flashing recovery than it is to guide u thru unbricking ur phone. ;-) good luck, and keep us updated! (link to recovery thread below)

[Recovery]{CWM} Virgin Mobile Venture - Android Forums
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Ok and how would I go about getting the recovery? Install Cwm then?

If you're a newb & want an easy way to do this download & install "Recovery Flasher Utility" off the play store then download this, put it in the root folder of your SD & run the program, it'll do the rest. Then you follow these steps:

Have the rom you want (MUST be specific to your phone) on your sd card
Boot into recovery (while powering on the phone hold Home)
Make a back up in the recovery (if you want)
Wipe data/factory reset
Wipe cache partition
Wipe dalvik cache (in Advanced)
Go back and click 'install zip from sd card'
Locate the zip you downloaded and install it
Phone will reboot when finished...

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ya, but he should be flashing from his pc via adb/fastboot. have picked apart the coding of that recovery flasher tool? do u know EXACTLY what the tool is doing? the recovery partition doesnt work the same on all phones.

Speaking of flashing, I'm still a little confused. I found these;
boot.img data.yaffs2.img recovery.img
cache.yaffs2.img nandroid.md5 system.yaffs2.img
on my sdcard in the clockworkmod/backup/ directory. Now I'm assuming that I can use CWM to restore these if ever need be, but suppose CWM is broken. Could one of the other flashing methods that I hear talk about be used to restore my phone? or atleast flash the recovery.img so that I could use CWM to do the rest? And where is the best place to look for flashing tutorial? And specifically for the venture phone?
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this is the whole reason i recommend learning how to use adb/fastboot... if u were to brick ur phone, u would not b able to use a flashing tool to unbrick. the only way to recover would be with fastboot. if you would like to PM me, i can help u learn everything u would need to know about recovery, adb/fastboot, flashing roms, etc... for the Venture! i can guide u step-by-step in a way that you would be able to easily learn and comprehend exactly what u are doing (and why). hope to hear from u!
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OR, if ur having trouble flashing the recovery.img theres a handy tool I found that ANY idiot can use: Recovery Flasher Utility

I know Dracable likes to push adb/fastboot but Ive found RFU works 100%. I just helped borytineo fix his problem & he successfully flashed a rom :)

SO.... If u have access to a PC you can use ADB/Fastboot or if ur lazy like me u can use RFU (Its on the playstore, FREE)
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if i had to guess, he was attempting to install a rom which was not from this forum..and more then likely not for this phone I.E >> imminent brick!

do us all and yourself a favor and dl a copy of the stock rom to your sd card...just in case

http://androidforums.com/venture-all-things-root/632183-rom-stock-rom.html < here

i hope this link is still valid

and dangit jeni...stop promoting laziness!
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jeni, not trying to attack u, but u need to understand WHY we cant promote laziness on dev'ing this phone. this phone is a cheap, throw away phone with low specs. none of the "big wigs" are interested dev'ing on this phone for that reason. when it comes to promoting a flasher tool to people to allow them to skip learning adb and fastboot, u could b making other people lazy too, which could make us lose out on someone who might have been a great contributor for us. this is my very first android phone. when i first got it, i knew NOTHING about the android platform. but hard work and determination got me to where i am now. i found our source and built our first stock kernel from source, and im prob gonna be developing our first OC kernel too. if u dont wanna learn adb and become a true developer and contributor, then so be it. but please dont promote an "easy way out" because u could be hurting the rest of our community. do u understand my point? and honestly, adb and fastboot are VERY easy to learn. there is NO reason not to.
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