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Help Help! My SGS loosed time. Looses 7-8 minutes every day


Jan 18, 2010

My SGS looses time. Everyday it looses approximately 7-8 minutes. So when the alarm starts at 7:30 am, the time actually is 7:37. I've tried manually to change the time, but the next morning I have the same problem.

I've tried both Automatic ("use network-provided values") and manually settings, but it does'nt work.

My firmware is the Froyo JP3 version.
Yaaay... A mod who has some common sense, not like all those other forums.

To the OP, yes, XXJP3 seems to have a bug in time. I get the same issue too. Seems to get worse for me the more times I restart it!

If you've flashed to XXJP3 anyhow, I'd get the Modaco ROM with the inbuilt root, I'd install ClockSync or something similar and tell it to sync every 30 minutes. Just in the last few hours I've lost minute.

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Strange onr this, I saw other posts about this time loss thing so kept an eye on mine and it hasn`t lost a minute (JP3) if its a bug you`d think all jp3 installs would be affected

Yeah, I don't get it.

Flashed the 2.1 (I9000XWJM5) and the problem disappeared. I might try the JP3 again, maybe I've just been unlucky, but so far it's a mystery to me.

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