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Help needed with a few issues <<< SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2

Hi all, im new to android so as u can tell i feel like a virgin again. (haha)

Iv searched the net for answers to a few issues im having with my SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2. any help would be appreciated.

1) How can i disable/enable the function whereas if im in-call i cannot accidentaly press buttons on the screen with my cheek (very annoying)

2) How can i view my MMS messages (photos) correctly and not as a 5 second slideshow that i cannot zoom in and out of etc (instead i have to save every image as an attatchment, which is very frustrating if u dont want to save the image u just want to view it)

3) Any help with pairing the device upto my FORD AUDIO car stereo, iv never been able to succsefully make a bluetooth call through my car stereo yet, which sorta defeats the object in my eyes)

I think thats its for now ....any help would be grateful guys as im going round in circles here :D


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