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Help please! reinstalling native camera in android

Hi everyone! I have an android from verizon that i am having problems with. The camera has stopped working along with the video. When i try to open the camera application it forecloses on me. Is there a way to reinstall the native camera back to its original settings without completely resetting phone to factory settings? I have already taken the battery out and soft reset the phone and nothing.

I am running the latest os on the phone and it is not rooted.


If you arent rooted, factory reset is the only way. Try that, and if it doesnt work, then its a hardware problem. If it's less than a year old, take it to verizon and get it replaced under warranty.

Sorry for my delay in thanking you for your reply, as it turned out everything google related went south for the winter for a couple of hours on my phone. I did another hard reset on my phone and things went back to normal.
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