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Jul 20, 2017
I upgraded from a 32 to a 128 SD card on my J3/Galaxy Sky and want to put my old 32 into my sons Galaxy Core Prime which has none.  But when my put it my old SD card in his phone it will not store anything even though it says it has tons of space.  I did not unmount it or format it.
Well!  Same problem AGAIN!  I unmounted the 35 SD card and then formated it.  Guess what?  Same deal!  I go to save and it tells me there is not enough room!
Now what?!  HELP¡¿  I've about lost what little mind I had left! 
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Try formatting it on the computer then put it in the phone and reformat it in the phone

1. where are you trying to save a file from?
2. Is it set to save to your sdcard (most of the time it trys to save to internal storage) I believe the option in the camera settings will allow you to save pictures taken to the sdcard, test it and see.
3. Have you checked to see if the card is being read by the phone
4. how much space do you have on internal storage (Phone) and how much space do you have in external storage(sdcard)? Check in system settings/storage
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Thanks you for your everything

Ugh!  Oh RJ!  My HP Laptop has been taken hostage by my Asperger Animee live action filming son and rarely makes public appearances anymore lol.  I do know it is running Windows 10 but when I put the SD Card into it to be read it rejects it telling me it doesn't read it's format.
I so much appreciate all your extreme patience and assistance in my endeavor.  I also admit it is way above my head and paygrade lol.
I think at this point to avoid a mental breakdown over my apparent inept lack of knowledge of current technology I will order a new one through Amazon.  LMAO.
Again I will be forever grateful to you.
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